Wednesday, October 13, 2010


things1st I believe the use of or the incorporation of "things" is a great way to accomplish this idea. I chose to use the general term things because that it is not just limited to accessories. The things you use to reflect your personality in your home is basically anything that has some kind of meaning to you. It could be a piece of stick, it doesn’t matter.

I enjoy all types of decor. I know i posted a pristine space on Monday, and that’s just how i am. My passion for design knows no boundaries, and while i loved the architectural elements of Monday’s post, my personal space would still differ in so many ways. You see, i love “things.” Look at this room, for example; pieces adorn the wall and the coffee tables. The colourful chairs are so charming too. I love surrounding myself with things that i love or that tell a story, and most importantly reflect who i am.

things3 This is such a welcoming and cozy spot!  The framed family photos add warmth to the space and defines that area of the room beautifully.

I’m loving the little vignettes scattered in this room from Roman and Williams.

things1This person’s thing is obviously art

An outdoor space filled with everything that i would need to spend all day here!

I couldn’t resist this one! The diva who owns this space has her “thing” stamped all over the room and on the walls:-). What’s your thing? Do you surround yourself with what you love and throw caution to the wind about clutter? Personally, i try to avoid the clutter, so there is a system to how i display “my things.” In addition, i’ve had to remove some of my lovely things all in the name of baby proofing:-). I took the day off yesterday because i wanted to spend every waking moment with my little man who is growing way too fast!. Also, i so appreciate all of you and your sweet comments! Happy Wednesday ya'll:-).  XX

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  1. I love "things" to but hate clutter as well. I keep trying to keep my home from being cluttered but every time I clean things out, things mysteriously creep back in I can't help myself.

  2. Great post, my dear!

    I really think that "things" are pivotal to reflecting one's personality in the home.

    Come to think of it, I really need some framed pictures on the wall. That does wonders!



  3. I am also all about having stuff that mean something to me..But clutter is not my thing:)
    I am totally in love with the third image...The frame wall looks fantastic

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet GIVEAWAY later on today :) Hope you will join in :)

  4. The Roman and Williams room took my breath away. Thanks for this inspiring post, Stacey! xo

  5. I am just like into using "things" to express myself in my home...yet so not into clutter...its a balance for sure...edit, edit, edit!
    (That new profile pic is gorgeous!)

  6. I love that outdoor livingroom, just amazing :)

  7. trust me love - if i could of rigged the give-away to let u win - i SO would have - i know the feeling of NEVER winning and then i FINALLY out fo the blue won a give-away! - i was totally shocked - b/c winning is just not my forte! ..

    ANYWAY i like THINGS A LOT - i have lots of THINGS everywhere - i like A LOT - i don't like bare spaces - and i like BOLD things too ..

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  8. Hi Stacy,
    These photos, and even more the way you put everything together, are fantastic! I especially love the first photo - that is so what I want to do for my guest bedroom. Ahhh...wonder if I ever will!

  9. I agree with everything you've just said, including needing nothing more to enjoy the day in that outdoor room. I have shells, rocks, pinecones etc. in my house because we pick them up when we travel. I do not like clutter, probably because I hate dusting. The things I have around my home are special and meaningful to me. I believe everywhere you look should bring you some sort of joy.

  10. these pictures remind me of the house on brothers and sisters...

    love it!

  11. Love that outdoor space....
    I try to stay away from clutter, but do have my personal "things" ... some old paintings in my family room, pictures of my children, my coffee table books, ... things that are meaningful to me.

    lovely post!


  12. Love this post, Stacey! That outdoor space and family portrait dining room are gorgeous! I also don't want clutter, yet like having some things around. (A work in progress, always:)) There's something so special about having items imbued with your own story and past.

    P.S. Love your new pic too :)

  13. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Lovely spaces!
    And your new profile pic is fab too!


  14. BTW ... Forgot to mention!

    I am hosting my first giveaway! hope you'll join in!


  15. I love this post and all these rooms! I definitely need some book shelves like that for my rapidly increasing books :)

  16. great room! ive always liked rooms with lots of picture frames and bookshelves

  17. Love the book and art things!
    Those divas are too cute too-

  18. oh boy. yep. my 'thing' is STUFFs, much to hubbers chagrin. photos, owls, art, ephemera...

    BUT. in the name of compromise (and kitten-proofing) i've reigned nearly all my clutter into my craft room. it's completely unorganized (coughteeminghellholecoughcough) right now, but once i get it settled, maybe i'll post some pics.

    happy wednesday! :)

  19. Love that outdoor space! It's like a living room with a view and cool breezes all day long.

  20. THAT outdoor space is totally fabulous. Loving the stylin' ;)

    What a great post Stacey dear!!! xoxox

  21. That Roman and Williams room is amazing! I adore it! That is just my style, Stacey, though I do love them all! XX!

  22. Just love the colors in that second image!

  23. Love things but not clutter. I love arty things, mostly paintings but I've also collected a couple prints, photographs and art objects. My husband and I have only been in our house 3 years and it's already filling up. It's going to be tough because the love for "things" will never go away but I can't imagine parting ways with any of my treasures when space vs clutter becomes an issue. I love the image of the photo wall. I have been thinking of doing something similar in a hallway at home. I love the inspiration.

  24. Wonderful images,I got some many of my own things that I treasure and that's what my blog is based on

    All things nice...

  25. Hi Stacey!
    Thanks for your visit and for living you comment!
    Your blog is very interesting!
    I'll follow you!

  26. I have so much stuff but I've been trying to rid myself of the clutter. I do just love that 2nd space though. A lot of stuff but so beautifully displayed :)

    Hope you're having a great day, sweetie! xoxo

  27. i love clutter! i love walls covered in a mish mash of family photos and art.. beautiful inspiration images!



  28. ooohhh...i love the room filled with art...what a luxury. i do love my things - which i rotate to avoid clutter - my favorite things have sentimental value. great post, stacey. loved it (as usual!)

  29. Ah, how I love my things too! I try to keep my home organized and interesting, and that includes the clever placement of the things that make me smile. :)

    I really like the first photo you added, that bed look so inviting, nestled in with the books! The framed family photos in a lower photo are impressive. There are so many of them, it's as if they put up wallpaper! But instead just charming faces of loved ones. Love it! :D

  30. Hi Stacey, great to be back and to catch-up. And is that a new photo of you I see??? Divine!! I love so many shots in this post. Seriously love shots - 2,4,5 & 6. How fabulous is outdoor room? If I had that attached to my tiny shack I'd be happy forever... I'd love a truly relaxed space in my home. I'm more about the rustic and like you I love "things"... And lots of them... Even a stick (as long as it's driftwood). Pruxxx

  31. I love the room wich the wall full of the framed family pictures...
    its really a cozy room!
    Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, nensa

  32. Lovely spaces! I like contemporary designs too because they have that clean look and easier to baby proof. Enjoy a glorious day, Kellie xx

  33. Stacey, great post. You are so right "things" = decor with personality.
    Nothing like a room with things....even minimal looks will have some "things" to make the persaonlity of the room come to life. xK

  34. I love how you said it could be just a piece of stick...I totally agree. Whenever I visit somewhere (special trip to see friends, fam or maybe just a day trip) - I always try to bring something back for the house (if I'm having a good time on the trip that is...). One time I stopped in Oregon after two of my best friends got married and bought an outdoor copper fire pit. Whenever I sit by it outside I always think of their wedding. But I do have a big ol' piece of driftwood upstairs on the deck too...


  35. Stacey-wow I love the last picture of the girls bedroom adn I LOVE the kitchen with those frames. Photographs add such a personal touch to a home. I wish I could do a wall like that in my kitchen. It's fabulous!!! I need to start a file for all these images...or maybe not since I can just come over to your blog :)

  36. I am pretty sure that top bedroom is on my dream bedroom list!

  37. The first picture with the books makes me swoon. That is my dream bedroom.


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