Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Random Delights.

The happiest people are those who think the most interesting thoughts. Those who decide to use leisure as a means of mental development, who love good music, good books, good pictures, good company, good conversation, are the happiest people in the world. And they are not only happy in themselves, they are the cause of happiness in others.William Lyon Phelps

I am dumbfounded by her beauty.


Simple yet so profound..

Jennifer Lopez and her gorgeous two year old twins Max and Emme. This adorable pic is for the Jennifer Lopez Gucci campaign.

I love the bookcase flanking that back wall, the open feeling and natural light  in this room. The throw pillows on the streamlined couch are just right and I love how the doggie is right at home tooSmile.  This interior space is  apart of a modern home that was built with green design as its focus. You can read about it here.
Happy Sunday everyone! XX


  1. Ah, what a delightful quote you posted above. I agree with Phelps on the happiest people. I consider you a happy person - and it shows here in your blog. I must confess that I Adore the headwrap above in the first image - what a Face - so Striking! Happy Sunday, island diva;-)

  2. I love these randoms, especially the me/we one. I hope your having a great Sunday.

  3. I dumbfounded by that young woman's beauty and jealous of her amazing skin! Love the me/we, so true. Happy Sunday Stacey!

  4. Happy Sunday to you too, Stacey! So many things to say... That first quote=so true. And the photo that follows it just made my jaw drop... mesmerized to say the least. I LOVE how to build a lasting relationship. And oh my goodness, that doesn't even look like JLo!

  5. The top photo took my breath away:) She is so stunning. I also love the last room...Books are always a perfect decór and the dog is...awww..
    Happy Sunday, sweetie pie

  6. The girl in the firt picture is a stunner!
    And I love the bedroom as well :)

    Have a great Sunday!

  7. Hi S great photos as always.
    I love the photo of the master bedroom with the pillows at the end of the bed. It reminds me of our master bedroom not the same color scheme but certainly the same vibe- not to mention I have just as many books on my bed side table!

    The photo of Jennifer with her two children stunning!

    That last photo of the book shelf is amazing, I noticed there is a table and two little chairs, I think it is so important to raise children among books plenty and plenty of books!
    have an awesome Sunday!

  8. Oh what a beautiful quote and it is soo true!! That model is astonishing, such flawless, caramel skin, yum!

  9. So much fabulousness! I most love the "We" poster, couldn't be more true! XX!

  10. She is beautiful, the lady in the first photo! Actually ... she is stunning!
    Love the WE/ME poster ... very adorable!


  11. That first photograph is amazing. She is just perfection!

  12. Gorgeous post, darling!
    So much to love!


  13. BEAUTIFUL, especially the first picture!
    Have a great week ahead, Stacey xxxx

  14. Almost didn't recognise J Lo. How does she look glam and super mom at the same time?

  15. I am dumbfounded by her BEAUTY tooo!!! And that is such an awesome pictures of JLo and her twins. ME into WE is such a simple thought! :)

  16. Great Sunday post! I stole your quote to use as my Facebook status for the day. I so truly believe in what it says! :) The pics are great. The beautiful woman in your first photos reminded me of a Barbie doll! She almost doesn't seem real! :)

  17. Loving that quote! And yes the model is soooo doe-eyed! Unbelievable! Love the blog :D

  18. I love the complete quirkiness of your collection - random indeed - but all food for the mind and exquisite beauty for the eye. The top she is beautiful! Her eyes look straight through the viewer to the soul.

  19. wow awesome post Stacey. Jennifer Lopez and her kiddos look beautiful, the quote you found is one of the best I have seen in a while and I completely agree with it. And I love the modern intellectual space in the last picture. It is so inviting without being too cluttered and over done.

  20. Stunning!
    Love that quote by William Lyon Phelps, think I´ll do a print and frame it.
    Lopez and her kids looks so beautiful!
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  21. I love that quote!! And the pics...that lady is GORGEOUS.

  22. Beautiful quote! I love the me/we and that first woman is gorgeous! (Jennifer Lopez also looks great, I almost didn't recognize her!)

  23. another beautiful post.

    i really love that "me" "we" poster. :)

  24. The "Me to We" picture was fabulous. How shrewd indeed. but very true. Your blog is such a pleasure to surf. What a fantastic work you've done ;)


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