Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Travel inspiration: The Lake Placid Lodge

Hi my lovelies. I hope everyone had a great weekend. All weekend, i’ve been daydreaming about visiting this rustic gem aka The Lake Placid Lodge. It  is located in the Tri-Lakes region of the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York.  I would love to rendezvous there for a week or so when dearest hubby returns home. I really cannot think of the perfect adjectives to describe it. All i know is it’s been beckoning to me since the first time i read about it here. It has breathtaking mountain and lake vistas, a fireplace in every room or cabin, and a decor that exudes romance, elegance and does so in a sexy rustic kind of way:-) Lake Placid was also built by hand in the Arts and Crafts tradition and blends seamlessly with its lakeside setting. Each of the 30 rooms and cabins is unique, with custom twig and birch bark furniture, a private porch, and deep-soaking tubs to warm up a chilly body (or two).


romantic dinner for two…

So peaceful…

Stunning place, right? Welcome to Monday my friends. XX


  1. Is this real?? I know it is...I've been to Lake Placid when I was a little girl...but these photos...they take my breath away! I simply want to fall into them! Do try to go away with your husband - it's a place that is so perfectly named! Tranquil, calm, still - definitely good for ones soul and to share with ones soul-mate!

  2. This place is seriously AMAZING!! I think I'm calmer just by having looked at these pictures :-)

  3. Ohh that place gives out such a homey vibe and its so sweet:) Love the wood, the view and the fireplaces:) I am dreaming now:)
    Happy Monday,sweetie pie

  4. Wow, these rooms are the epitome of rustic chic! Thanks for the lovely comment on the quirky and fun Kate Spade campaign. I'm your newest follower since I see we have quite a few common blogger buddies! Hope to see you again soon my dear and feel free to follow along too!

  5. I love this area of the world dearly and this amazing place looks so peaceful and soul-reviving! (Oh, those views!) How beautiful to spend time there when your husband returns - just a gorgeous way to be with each other! :)

  6. this is my current dream vacation. I love it!! And a fireplace in the room is the icing on the cake.

  7. But this place is a dream!!!

  8. Oh my goodness! Now you've got me daydreaming! (How am I supposed to get any more work done today???) :) This is a lovely place. I adore rustic charm and log buildings (we have a decent selection here in Montana). We definitely don't have anything quite this fancy though! I'd love to spend a night, or two....or three. :)

  9. So, so beautiful. This place defines relaxation!

  10. That looks beautiful... a dinner outside would be lovely but this is one place I'd like to go to in winter... how cozy with the fireplace!

  11. Hi Stacey!
    I would love to spend some quality time with my sweetheart there, he is gone a lot (not as long as your hubby, but still, it's not nice...), so I keep on dreaming about it, looking at the pics. Oh, and I scrolled to one of your first posts, baby Z. first birthday, loved it! My girls are having their b-days soon (me too) but the first is always special. Enjoy the evening!
    Maureen (oh, and thanks for all your comments!) x

  12. ok. yep. i'm in LOVE!

    i lived (briefly) in upstate new york. there is just no more beautiful place during the autumn (but i'll pass on the 5ft of snow, thank you very much.)

    THIS is the way to start a monday. thanks stacey! :)

  13. I LOVE cozy places like this :)

    all the natural wood and the stones around the fireplace are beautiful!!

    Is that bench at the foot of the bed.. part of the bed??

    Is the bed a part of the wall?? hehe
    happy monday to you

  14. hey Stac! -- i use to go to Lake Placid annually to go skiing! - i haven't been there in a few years - i'd LOVE to stay there tho! - going to investigate for this years Ski trip - i was thinking Vail, CO, but maybe i'll stay close and just go here (i can drive there)

  15. I almost forgot about this place, thank you for reminding me Stacey, I've been wanting to get the husband there for a nice long weekend and fall is the perfect time!

  16. I absolutely love the home coziness of this space. I really really love the railings with branches. So great!

    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  17. i love the country style!
    great post!

  18. I have to book mark this post and remember it for future plans!!! It is surreal! Dreamland! :)

  19. I'd love to sip apple cider and sit by the fire. What a great trip!

  20. nirvana...perfect for this time of year. happy monday to you, stacey.

  21. I was there in the 70's, when it was a slightly shabby, family place. I hope it hasn't strayed too far from its roots. Thanks for coming by.

  22. Wow -- looks like a fun place for a getaway!

  23. Heaven on earth! What a magical place!


  24. Hi sweety...
    Nice to hear from you!

    Now thats what i call a real cottage...
    If you are going to do it in style:)

    Have a great day - SP

  25. Awww...what a stunning place!!!!!!!!! I love every room and every view. Thanks for showing me! And inspiring me!! Have a lovely day!!!

    xx Kristin

  26. Hi Stacey, first of all thanks a lot for your lovely comment.I appreciate it.
    Then about this house. This house is a DREAM. I would so love to spend some time there with MY hubbie as well!
    Have a happy tuesday.

  27. that is for REAL the best cabin getaway I've ever seen! I'm kind of speechless about it.
    (p.s. I think the spam comments folder was happening because I had marked "screen comments starting 4 posts ago" - or something like that...)

  28. Satcey, sweet Stacey, stunning...absolutely stunning images YOU bring today!!!! LOVE all things in those places!!
    Gisele is stunning too!!!! I saw the previous post and it is, at least, beautiful!

    I hope you and your little prince Zion are all right, dear Stacey!! Missed you. I have been busy sewing a lot and that is the motive I am far from here. Sorry!

    Be fine! Kisses!! Bela.

  29. omg, I love this! would just love to spend an autumn weekend in front of that fireplace :)

  30. Seriously adding this to my list of must visit!

  31. How amazing would it be to spend a weekend here? to wake up to such a cozy, beautiful environment... thanks for sharing this place!

    I hope you're having a wonderful week so far,

    p.s your comment completely made me *blush* you are so so kind!

  32. WOW amzing spot! thnx for sharing!

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  33. Woowww... what amazing place.. I think I wanna go there too if I got a chance!!

    Thanks Stacey, for showing us such beautiful place!!
    all the best,

  34. this is relaxing and peaceful. thank you for visiting my little blog and leaving a sweet comment. Happy weekend!

  35. this is relaxing and peaceful. Thanks to blogger.

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