Monday, September 27, 2010

Soggy Monday + Award.

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”  Robert Burns

1015sabisandhotel via Conde Nast Traveler
      Well, my plans to have a picnic most certainly didn’t come to fruition. I always have a plan B as implied by that quote so the weekend was not ruined.  Why not a picnic you ask? Well, Saturday was still too hot and it has been raining nonstop since yesterday. Lesson learned: do not believe your meteorologist:-). Oh, i almost forgot, baby Zion had his first bad accident on Friday. Yep, he fell and busted his lip(it seems as if his top teeth dug into his bottom lip and it was not pretty). There was blood everywhere(gory-sorry) and somehow i held it together long enough to “doctor him up.” I assessed the wounds and determined he didn’t need stitches so we didn’t go to the ER. Later on as he slept, i cried like a baby when i was telling a neighbor what happened. I didn’t sleep Friday night because i wanted to make sure he was still breathing and you can imagine all the thoughts going through my mind. Anyway, i knew that he was fine when i heard a banging on the wall the next morning(that’s my wake up call from him and did i mention his bedroom is next to mine? because we share a wall:-) ). He is back to climbing and running(he never walks) and my sweet baby boy will be just fine.
   I hope your weekend was accident free and that you all had a terrific one! The wonderful Kelly over at Life at 5 feet has awarded me the 101 award. We are becoming fast friends and it’s uncanny just how much we have in common. I also look forward to visiting her blog each day as her posts are usually filled with such wit and humour.  I can’t imagine anyone not knowing about Kelly, but if you don’t, time to get “in the know” and give her a visit.
happy 101
*On receiving this lovely award, i am to do the following:
*  I am to thank the giver.(done:-))
*  List 10 things I like.
*  Pass on to fellow bloggers and let them know via comment

101 I am a huge fan of Bob Barley(it has nothing to do with the fact that i’m Jamaican either). His music and lyrics transcend generations and eras. Irie man:-)

via dwell
You all know that i love the colour, orange:-)

1012 I love the golden cast in this photograph, the hair and the bohemian appeal

1013 Stark contrast from the one above, however, i love everything about this pic too.
tiramisu I can’t get enough of this goodness-I Love Tiramisu!

1017contempo this gorgeous architectural beauty of a  house in Singapore-via the contemporist
See more pictures of this gem here

this message

10113 I am a big fan of the Weeping Willow tree and this divine structure with that bed under the Willow has my heart palpitating! Thank you to my girl at Cabbage Rose for this sweet, sweet eye candy.

Ok, now time to pass this  award on to my fellow bloggers. I would love to pass it to the following lovely ladies:
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1016sabisandhotel Thank you again Kelly! Muah! Happy Monday my friends. XX

PS. I will be announcing the winner for the giveaway either later or tomorrow!

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  1. Ohhh I am so sorry for your and baby Zion. I am glad that he is doing ok by now...Also congrats on your award,sweetie
    Have a great Monday with your amazing little cutie:)

  2. I feel sorry for your sweet little pea Zion, Stacey dear!! He will be fine so soon!
    Picnic event will wait till all things are right, including the weather!!
    Always so nice to drop by, Stacey!
    Have a sweet week! Bela.

  3. Oh, I am so so sorry to hear of the Baby Z scare (gosh, it brought back memories of this happening to my much-younger sister! Years later, I still remember that feeling!) I'm so glad he's back to his bouncing self. Congratulations on the well-deserved award! I love your list - it made me relaxed and happy seeing your (always) lovely images. Thank you so much for so sweetly passing the award on!

  4. Sorry about little Zion! I'm glad he's doing fine. :) I remember my mother's stories of similar things happening to me as a little kid. I can't imagine the worry! Have a wonderful Monday and congrats on the award! :)

  5. Ouch!!! that sounds like quite a spill! Isn't it amazing how you can keep it together while patching him up! And then break down later, which is also so needed. You are amazing and baby Zion is so lucky to have you!

    and thank you so much for the lovely award! :) i'm honored. xoxo

  6. ohhhhh poor Z! *hugs* to him!!!!

    and LOVE all ur picks - huge Marley fan too!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  7. Awh poor poor Z!!! I'm so sorry to hear. That must have been so hard for you! Glad he's back to normal now. Must have really shaken u up though... :(

    And sorry about your plans getting ruined. Gotta love the weatherman, right?

    Lastly, congrats on the award! Love Bob Marley too! And orange :) Happy Monday! xoxo

  8. I need to a big comfortable looking bed like that- it looks like it was made for royalty.

    All the pictures in this post are amazing.

    I tried to make homade tiramisu & it was an epic fail.

    I followed your blog. Love it :)

  9. Aaw, poor baby Z! Glad to hear he is doing better already!
    And tank you so much for passing the reward on to me, what a nice way to start my week :)

  10. Love the images as always, and glad Zion is back to his normal self!

  11. congrats on the award, you definitely deserve it!! lovely images today, i think my fave is the first of the bed... how luxurious would it be to sleep in that?!

  12. Poor Poor Z! Good to know he is better though! :)

    Love the images. Love them all and nice to learn so much more about you! :) That house in Singapore is gorgeous!

  13. aw, poor baby Z! getting busted up is never fun, but so glad to hear he's alright. i bet he was much more at ease when he saw his momma with a brave face on. :)

    also, you are TOO sweet! :D what a lovely monday morning (erm, afternoon) surprise!!

  14. Good evening Stacy! WOW...this is a gorgeous post, and I love that photo with the girl in the afro and the gold tones....just gorgeous, and the orange is so beautiful in all the photos you selected. Thank you for visiting and UNDERSTANDING, since you are an educator, you can understand the plight of the teacher....everyone wants something and everything from you! But I am making a choice to come home and leave all that in the classroom and LIVE at HOME!!!! Sorry to hear about the little one getting hurt...that must hurt YOU!

    Do enjoy a splendid week and thanks again! Anita

  15. Hi Stacey,

    Sorry for the blip on the lip! I know that first fall all too well. My second son had a worse one than the first. I still can't hardly talk about it! Big hug to him :)

    Your answers are just lovely and the images are right there to back them up. That house in Singapore is so very cool. And tonight I need to count my blessings and not the number of things that need to be done!

    Thanks for the shout out, you are so very kind :)



  16. Aww, poor baby Z. Hope he is feeling better and yay for your bloggy award!

  17. congrats on the award and so sorry to hear about baby zion's accident. this selection of pics are so bob marley, his music has such positive vibes

  18. aww, thank you!! I'm glad Baby Z is ok. My little one just busted her lip for the first time the other day and it was heartbreaking. :[

  19. Sending good thoughts to Baby Z!

    Thanks for the award, my dear!


  20. congrats on the award...and tiramisu is my FAVORITE!


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