Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Design Within Reach.

I just received the DWR catalog in the mail and although i’m super busy today, i’m so excited to share it that i had to pause for a few minutes to post some of what i’m browsing. Are you a fan of DWR? I’ve made two purchases to date from there and it would be more than two if their prices weren’t so exorbitant!  I still love them though and i get a mad rush of adrenaline whenever i receive their catalogs.

DWR1I also love how they showcase their settings; just like they were in a house. Don’t you just love that equestrian inspired art piece?

DWR  They’re also having a seating and dining sale that is worth checking out. I love the different colours of these chairs too!

DWR16 That Nelson bubble hanging lamp was my first purchase from DWR.That blue colour is rocking too!

A room filled with classics. Oh my!

DWR4 I love the Nelson clocks(there’s one over my fireplace but i didn’t purchase it from DWR). Also check out that Geneva sound system to the left which also has an iPod or iPhone dock!

DWR6I agree with Mr. Corbusier’s quote! Gotta love Cassina too!

That Antler hanging pendant featured in the two pics above will set you back a cool$5900.

DWR3   DWR10 Their bedroom furniture definitely appeal to my taste…

DWR5Great stylish furniture pieces for small spaces. 

That flight recliner(shown in green) is a favorite of mine. It also comes in dark orange! How about those pillows too? I love them!

Another favourite of mine; the PH Snowball pendant light. I’ll take that sheepskin throw too!

DWR13Framed pics and more seating lighting goodness. I need to stop now as i might end up showing you the entire catalog!

DWR14Who wouldn’t love these Knoll chairs? There will be a Knoll sale starting September 24th!

DWR17This is it! Gotta go now! However, do you see why i had to share this goodness? XX  

{images via DWR}


  1. I'm loving your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aah! Stacey, I'm going to have to find another time of day to read your gorgeous posts b/c I'm now salivating over these at my computer! This is so dangerous (help!) - there's a DWR just 2 blocks away from where I am now!! Yes, I totally understand why you had to share - thank you! ;)

  3. Oooh this stuff is gorgeous. As a student, I obviously haven't bought anything from there haha.
    I find it ironic that their name is Design within reach... and yet the prices are far from that! hehehe.
    beauuutiful stuff though.
    Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I'm loving this whole "meeting new creative people" through blogging thing. Pretty great! :o)

  4. They are perfect darn them - also wish the prices weren't so high. I really like that brick wall with the gigantic door that opens to the outside. Surprisingly, I do like the mix of the colors with the chairs, usually I'm more of a monochromatic gal.

  5. Fantastic! Just adore this! Thanks so much for dropping by today :) Hope you're having a fabulous hump day :)
    xo tash

  6. So much goodness...I love the idea of having different colour chairs by the dining table and the beds are stunning...I so need that catalog...hahah...
    Kisses,my dear

  7. aahaha yes, thanks for showing me the whole catalog!!! :) I love them though, why can't my house look like this???

  8. Wow amazing!!! Those antler chandeliers are amazing!!


  9. how have i never heard of this catalog????? this stuff is all fantastic! i especially love the light wood kitchen table, those legs are so unique.

    <3 gina

  10. I love this spread- I don't get DWR but I guess I don't need to since you scanned the best parts- minus the ads and I'm set!

    Is it just me or is everyone showing Ghost chairs these days? I want one and I'm pretty sure as soon as I get one they are going to be so last season!

  11. i LOVE DWR - i bought SO much stuff from there - and also go a lot of inspiration - BEST EVER!

  12. stunning. i love all the colorful chairs. i want some chairs like the white ones above but in a moss green for my kitchen.


  13. I am from Brazil and I am so happy to meet people with the same obession...I breath design, just love your blog, I will be here often, thanks for sharing!!

  14. Beautiful stuff!! Love them all....
    Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures!

  15. beautiful things and your presentation was fabulous...thanks for taking the time to bring inspiration to my evening...what a treat!

  16. Stacey, I would love for you to peek at our test site by clicking our shop button at the top right of our blog. We have a mix of mid-century pieces, but the DWR rooms are not balanced with other eras. I find all of one era in a room blinding. However, as we embark on our online store, I'd love your eyes. I'm
    I'd love your youthful eye and feedback.

  17. Ohh i love your profile text, i am the same way about cooking :) Love the blog.

  18. Oh it is great, I can see why you get the adrenalin rush !!!

  19. Yay! DWR, its like you are IN my HEAD! We just ordered the coffee table in the first image! So excited, it arrives next week...woo woo! :)

  20. Great catalogue, I love seeing how interior items are advertised in different countries. Sometimes its easy to think that we must have different tastes and ideas but design really is universal and global. Great items.
    Nice to visit after my 2 week break.

  21. I looove Design Within Reach and would buy out the whole store if I could. But you know what pisses me off? That name and those prices! "Within Reach" my ass!

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  22. Hi Stacy,

    Thank you so much for stopping by tonight and for your lovely comments. It's so nice to have such a lovely new blogging buddy :)
    Great post by the way.

  23. oh! so much design teeth hurt (but in a good way! ;))

  24. Stacey, OMG there are so many wants on this post of yours!
    Several of the items are on my wishlist.
    The picture of the Le corbusier Lc2- chairs, the Barcelona Daybed of Mies Van der Rohe and The Swan chair of Arne Jacobsen upon all of that and all in white. I have to repeat myself, OMG I´m in heaven! This pic was really taking my breath away!
    Platner, Castiglioni and all of the other great designs, I´m overwhelmed.
    Thank you for sharing this, I´ve for sure have my dose of inspiration for today.

  25. The bedroom is right up my alley too! So many great ideas here.

  26. I just adore the different colored chairs, all of them!
    And the acrylic glass chairs with sheepskin throw is just lovely, I never would have thought of that. Also think the antler hanging pendant would go well with that! Sort of an arctic vibe :)

  27. Hi Stacey, Thanks for stopping by my blog. So glad to have found yours now, as well! You have a really beautiful site. Look forward to reading more.


  28. Stacy dear! First of all, thank you for coming back to chat; and yes, what a challenge we teachers always have to face to bend and twist to every economic, political and cultural whim....or change, whatever one wants to call it! Whew....but let's talk about fun stuff! THESE IMAGES ARE WONDERFUL. I am impressed with the chic and polish of this style that I suspect is in your own lovely home! Very love dear, very crisp! I am following as well, and thank you for your kindness. Have a magnificent day! Anita

  29. Much inspiration, Stacey! Have a happy happy Thursday xxoxox

  30. ok we completely think alike because I just got mine yesterday in the mail and I was browsing through it this morning with my coffee. I love their pieces...the only thing we have from there are bar stools but they are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  31. wow!!! I am obsessed!! Stacey, why oh why did you show this all to me? I guess I've gotta reach for the stars...keep dreamin' day...

    absolutely beautiful, amazing, incredible things and styling!



  32. I'd never even heard of DWR!

    So, wow! Thank you for always introducing me to the best, most beautiful things!



  33. oh my god!!!! i flippin love this! danger danger!!! i cant get this catalog! lol i would be maxing myself out for sure lol


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