Monday, August 16, 2010

Some African love.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are fully rested for the work week. Before i delve into my post, I need to do a few shout outs. Thank you to the Sand O Production ladies for my wonderful teddy bear that i won in their giveaway. Baby Z loves it! Also, thank you to Colourlovers for tweeting yesterday about my pop of colour post. I felt the love:-). Muah!
O.K, so yesterday,after browsing the sneak peek of the September issue of Marie Claire , i headed to their archive section where i found this gem of a house. This gem is the feature today. It is located in Cape Town, South Africa, and is home to the English director Sean Matias. His style is bit  African with some European influences. The art collection in this home is quite eclectic too and there are some pieces that are definitely not for the “conservative”. I also love how the homeowner uses colour to define spaces in his home. I hope you like it as much as i do…
I love how this room is organic and modern at the same time! Don’t you just love that purple wall? Shout out to the Zhush.(there’s your purple post :-))
Wassily chairs in white! Cool!
Lovely splashes of pink(with some not so conservative art:-)) I love the translucent factor brought in with the dining chairs. That blue cabinet in front of the pink wall adds some whimsy too.

Splash! The end. xo

{images via marieclairemaison}


  1. Love the white Wassily chairs in the 'gardenroom'.
    I for sure get the feeling this is a home of a very creative and artistic person.
    Color can be really fun and I like it, but have to admit that purple and pink walls are not something you will get to see in my own home no more! Once, when I was in my early twenties I painted my whole 1- room apartment in a rich red color and added a large pink Warhol poster of Marilyn Monroe on the wall. People were chocked!
    Nowdays I rather use colorful art on white walls.
    Take good care of you!

  2. I LOVE it too. It somehow works with all those different colours and textures. From the outside it's quite classic and then you open the door... Particularly love shots #1, #5, #6, #8, #9... Thanks for sharing, I wouldn't have ever managed to see it. Pxxx

  3. SO GORGEOUS! Not only are the colors wonderful, but you get a sense of open serenity - though with a twist (and never boring) - through these photos. Lovely, just lovely.

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    Oh and today we talk about another how to unclutter your blog tip, so come on by! Happy Monday!

  5. What a fun, gorgeous house! I don't normally go for purple but that purple wall rocks! Thanks for sharing. Jane :)

  6. Actually very cool and very bold.....I love seeing design transformed through different eyes...the wallpapered room is my fave. I just couldn't do some of that artwork but I appreciate the look, thanks for sharing.

  7. ohhh the windows....and the..everything!

  8. Such unique spaces! I totally want to jump into that pool :)

  9. Wow! Loving ALL the pops of color in this gorgeous home! But you know which is my fave! Thanks for the shout just made my Monday morning!:)

  10. Adoro las casa que nos publicas.
    Una pareja verdaderamente chic la de hace tres posts, no la había visto todavía.
    Un besín chica con gusto.

  11. The place is amazing...Not only the colours but I adore the huge windows too:) Hope you had a wonderful weekend,sweetie


  12. Goodness, way too much color for this monochromatic kind of girl. I will happily take all the chairs in the house and the cute kitchen though! Oh, and while I'm at it, throw in the pool will ya?

  13. hey Stacey! Thanks for dropping by Moth Design. Love what you've got going on here! Following! xo e

  14. glorious colors!
    I want to jump in that lagoon-pool Stacey!

  15. oh wow! these pictures are gorgeous. the decorating style is interesting. it's unlike anything i can think of. it's so pretty and unique.

    i hope that you're having a great monday and are ready for an excellent week!

  16. Haha - Stacey, I just had to peek again, these images are too-too beautiful (and a dip in that pool would be perfect right around now!) :) :)

  17. u have NO idea when i say i'm ALL about Africa - i wanna go there SOOOOO badly! - this place is beyond, just beyond! - the chairs are KILLER! .. i wanna crash at their pad!

  18. hola stacey!

    que bonita foto de la casita, parece muy acogedora!

    y mil gracias por comentar! me alegra que te gustaran los clones!!

    un besin grande desde

  19. My favorites were the chairs... I think it gave more character to the living spaces and it made the whole look of the place as tranquil as possible... Such a love place to live in.. =) Nice picks... Africa is such a colorful and beautiful inspiration... =)

  20. wow! i think i love the dining room the best, because those chairs are awesome against that pink wall. :)

    ps - i bet you could design some seriously awesome better post it if you do, cause i KNOW people are gonna want to see that. :D

  21. Hi sweetie! So good to be back and see everything I missed. Hope you had a great week! And I absolutely love this house! Every single thing about it. I love the use of color and the openess and airiness. And that art is amazing too :)

  22. Wow, lovin' all that color! Especially the sunny rooms, a purple wall here a blue one there, the vintage kitchen! Fabulous! Hope you're off to lovely week!

  23. Hi Stacey,
    First I wanna congrats you for the giveaway you won...
    And those pics...I love all!!!!


  24. Que bonitas fotos, me encanta la moda y la decoración!! Que lindo Blog!
    saludos desde México!

  25. I love it too, that first shot of the outside is perfect !!!

  26. Wow, I'm really diggin' those translucent kitchen chairs!

  27. I want every single chair showcased!

    Love Grace.

  28. beautiful!!! that last photo is divine!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  29. Hi
    Gorgeous photos...
    You have been tagged girl:)

    Have a smashing day - SP


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