Monday, August 9, 2010

Eric Cohler.

Today, we visit the home of designer Eric Cohler. I am always excited when i get to to peek into the private space of a designer because i know that i am going to be visually stimulated and inspired by what i see. Eric Cohler’s digs certainly did not disappoint. He’s obviously an avid art collector and showcases them in a grand way in this 1980s Beekman area rental.

A 19th century equestrian scene hangs above a pair of stools from Bermingham & Co.

that orange sofa is gorgeous and pops beautifully in an otherwise neutral room

An oversized photograph of Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra by Harry Benson hangs upon a windowed corner of the living room.

An oversized abstract painting found at Christie’s hangs next to a work by Callum Innes from Sean Kelly Gallery.

Meet Olivia:-)

Griffin and Olivia curiously check out the scene… Aren’t they adorable?

Works by Norman Parkinson, Stuart Davies and Picasso, among others fill the den wall. The Baroque style console is from Gerald Bland.I also love how he uses a dark coloured wall to highlight the art collection that’s in his den. The art definitely takes center stage.

A photograph of Coco Chanel reclining on a sofa in her rue Cambon apartment.

In the master bedroom, a portrait by Alan Katz of his wife Ada hangs above a headboard designed by Eric.

What do you like most about Eric’s home? I envy his art collection and want his poodles:-)
I hope everyone had a great weekend. The sun is shining beautifully and the birds are chirping here. Welcome to Monday!  Also, thank you So Much for your kind and thoughtful words of support and encouragement on my prior post. xo

{via article in the newyorksocialdiary}


  1. I agree with you, the orange sofa is just perfect! And the dogs are sooo cute! Happy new week to you, Stacey! I like your blog more and more xo

  2. man, he has fabulous taste. so in love with the grey armchairs and thier cushions with the little tulip table.!

  3. Wow - love the feel of this place. It;s such a great mix of styles, and all are working perfectly together.

  4. I love these peeks into designer spaces too! (And that doggie is just too cute!). Such an amazing mixing of various styles, yet cohesive :)

  5. Love that orange sofa. It popped in the space and Olivia is so so adorable.

  6. So happy you "blog hopped" over to my blog and left a comment because now I've found you, nice blog. Will come back.
    Art is my favorite thing about every room so this house has me swooning! I like the art best, the camel pillow and Griffin and Olivia!

  7. OMG this space is out of this world!! thank you for commenting on my blow-- i am now a follower!

    i love the eclectic mix of new and old art, and definitely need to look into some of the artists featured in these photos!!


  8. i am in LOVE with that bright yellow painting!! it's so gorgeous!


  9. i totally dig the 'clutterbug' feel of his place. i am completely the same (much to hubbers chagrin). it's nice to see someone else with crazy full bookshelves. :P

  10. I love all that art and the colour combination....Such a stunning space and that dog is adorable:)

    Kisses and hugs,sweetie:)

  11. How - his space is so inspiring! And Olivia is just too cute!

  12. (and by "How," I mean "Wow.") :)

  13. Amazing art collection! What a great space to feature!

  14. I LOVE how designers fill up their wall space! And that heart,, so cute

  15. oh my my, I love it! Especially that shelf packed with books and the TV hidden within it.

  16. fab 3x!!!
    Love the orange sofa!
    Stacey, I've added you my links~
    stay fabulousss...


  17. omg that's a great home andthe dog is sooo cute:D

  18. The dark wall in the den works really well - in fact all his gallery displays and bookshelves are wonderful. Very nice!

  19. this man's place is outstanding. the orange sofa is my single most favorite thing. love it so much!!


  20. merci de nous avoir fait rentrer chez lui. Les photos sont magnifiques.
    Et la décoration de son intérieur sublime. La pièce que j'aime particulièrement est sa chambre, et les photographies de Mia Farrow et Coco Chanel,ainsi que ce super sofa orange.

    Traduction Google :
    thank you for letting us go home. The photos are beautiful.
    And the home decoration sublime. The piece that I particularly like is his room, and the photographs of Mia Farrow and Coco Chanel, and this super orange sofa.

  21. love his design aesthetic; wondeful mix of modern & antique elements. there are so many intriguing pieces from these pics! and i agree, his art collection is amazing!

  22. This is just so awesome! Funny, because I'm watching a documentary on the Barnes Foundation right now (I was able to go there once right before I skipped outta the country!), and I'm just daydreaming of art collections (that aren't too expensive and that nobody will fight over.)

  23. Love it!
    The mix of different styles are amazing.
    I for sure get the feeling of a a real home showing lots of personality!

  24. Hi
    I really love that house, and the interior is really gorgeous:)

    Thanks for sharing - SP

  25. What a great find Stacey! Love this and can't help but scroll up and down again and again..!
    The art collection is out of this world, as is his eclectic style of decor. There is something in every photo that I love and I am totally smitten with the fish and lamp in no 4 & 5., that bar trolley in no. 6 (what is it with bar trolleys !?! - they get me every time!!). Also that bust looks amazing in front of the yellow contemporary art piece.. The poodles.. Sigh.. And his innate love for camels. What a fun and stylish home!

    x Charlotta

  26. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. a dog's life. i would be so happy living with all that lovely art.
    love the mix.


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