Sunday, August 15, 2010

All blown up…

First off, i didn't wear the bikini to the farmer's market yesterday:-). It's such a beautiful Sunday here. I intend to head outdoors for some fun shortly, but i wanted to share this with you first.
I read somewhere last week about a DIY where pictures are used as art. I think it might have been over by my girl’s Krystal’s blog. However, i’m not sure. Anyway, i’ve always thought that blowing up a favourite photograph is such a personal and creative way of adding drama to a space without blowing the budget.

picasart1 picasart2 How about you? Do you use personal pictures as art? 
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  1. "Anyway, i’ve always thought that blowing up a favourite photograph is such a personal and creative way of adding drama to a space without blowing the budget."

    The concept of this is SHEER AWESOMENESS. I don't do it yet, but now I fully intend to. What a great, wonderful, notion. So beautiful. And yes, very personal. It would definitely be a nice conversation starter when guests visit and inevitably, compliment them.

  2. I love personal pictures as art! Black and whites are my favourite ones. Personal photos bring so much life to a home, good memories and lots of personality. I think a poster never can do the same.
    Have a great day!

  3. Those really are amazing. I would love to see them of older relatives too. I have one of my grandmother I would love to have blown up and used as artwork!

  4. That's funny:-) I just painted my stairwell and that's exactly what I was gonna do... use some blown up pictures of my kiddos as art! :-)

  5. This is a great idea for personalising and have seen some people execute it really well as above...we have some black and white pics in frames but not large photographs... I like anons idea about kid's artwork!

  6. I think this is an AWESOME idea! love it.

  7. I cant stand how people have giant blown up pictures of their kids (im probably going to be killed for that statement)depending on how they structure it, i personally think it usually looks obnoxious.

    Im sure haters are gonna hate.

    I love personalised art... i love when someone has created something of their own and put it up in their house.

    I have a bunch of my paintings up and around my house.

    Im incredibly particular about interiors.... i study interior design for awhile and im so opinionated on it... but i should be.

    Im going to do a post soon of most of my paintings... keep an eye out.

    Also yes I LOVE YOUR BLOOG lol :D

  8. I have photos on the walls, but not at that size. I wonder how much something like that costs.

  9. this is such a great idea!
    I love it!!

  10. wow beautiful interior those kids pics are awesome

  11. I just love this idea, and have thought about it for a while. Thanks for the inspiration, Stacey (as always!)

  12. yessss i adore this idea. i wonder if these are on canvases?? i'm gathering a couple pictures today to get blown up!!!

  13. i do this!!! my aunt is a photographer and loves to take pictures of my daughter.. she has taken a couple of pictures that i have blown up to use "as art" i cant wait until i have enough wall space to really show them off!

  14. I love that idea...We have a few of those too...and they always make me smile:)



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