Monday, July 12, 2010

We got featured!

Yes, I am in a festive mood. Can you tell?

I can feel the love…

Baby Zion’s first birthday party got sniffed out by Ohdeedoh today and also landed here! Exciting, right?

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A sneak peek back in case you had missed the original post here!

Zion, sweetieiloveuClothespin Muah!

{images-wehearit, justbesplendid & my own}


  1. Sweetest, most gorgeous post EVER!


  2. Wow, baby Zion is so cute! Love his birthday party photos! And have a great day!

    Kristin XO ( and btw..I want to read magazines instead of sleep, too :)

  3. Zion is soooooooo adorable and that party is amazing:) I love love love those photos:) So glad you left a comment on my blog....I adore it here and I will be back:)
    Happy Tuesday,sweetie and see you soon!

  4. LOVE THIS!!! perfect post for me to come and tell ya i'm about to post an award for you :)

  5. congrats! two features at once ;) the party was indeed amazing!

  6. what great pictures! and you are SO right, zara needs to have an online store...they would rake it in! but then again, my bank account would not be happy :) thanks for your nice comment - see you again soon!

  7. Congratulations! What a fun, colorful party and such an adorable little Zion. Looks like he had a blast. Thanks for your visits to Color Sizzle. Your blog is terrific. Let me know if you'd be interested in exchanging links.


  8. Yay! It's no wonder - everything is gorgeous and I mean, everything! And happy birthday to baby Zion! He is too cute for words!

  9. congrats - and what a seriously awesome party!

  10. omigosh, what a beautiful AND adorable party! congrats on the features. they are truly deserved. :D

  11. Thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments:-).


Your comments are like my daily dose of sunshine. They brighten my day:-).