Thursday, July 8, 2010

Scenes from my garden

Zion's first b'day 003
I had posted here recently expressing how i couldn’t wait to pick tomatoes from my garden. Well, i have
 been picking tomatoes everyday since, and, i just wanted to show how fruitful the garden has become. I
 was in the garden today putting in stakes for the tomatoes as they are getting out of control (i might have planted too many). Anyway, i truly enjoy going out to the garden daily to pick something to use in my
meal or salad. Such a great feeling!

Zion's first b'day 004
Zion's first b'day 005
Zion's first b'day 006
Zion's first b'day 007
                                                                                       some chives

Zion's first b'day 008
Zion's first b'day 009
Zion's first b'day 010
                     That’s an old torch that was repurposed as a tomato stalk. Talk about going green in the garden:-)

Zion's first b'day 011
                        Habanero aka hot pepper. I’m Jamaican so hot peppers are a must in the
 garden. We love our spices!

Zion's first b'day 012 Zion's first b'day 013                               We have rosemary in two areas of the yard. It’s unbelievable how big they get!

Zion's first b'day 016 Zion's first b'day 018                                                                               marjoram herb

Zion's first b'day 021
                      Love this little guy or girl. He/she helps to keep those pesty bugs away from my beloved veggies!

Zion's first b'day 026


  1. What a green thumb you have! The tomatoes look yummy :) I'm feeling inspired to start my own — maybe next year!

  2. Thanks Mackenzie and yes, the tomatoes are yummy!

  3. what a gorgeous garden~! the rosemary looks to die for!

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