Monday, July 19, 2010

Modern holiday home.

I will not be using words like rustic, cottage, or country to describe this holiday home. Located  on the West Coast, north of Cape Town,  this modern holiday home is designed to ensure both privacy and contact with nature. Leaning against the dunes covered in fynbos (fine bush "end bush" in Afrikaans), this modern holiday home is spread over three levels with an L shape.  It is designed to intensely enjoy the view of the sea and the fresh breeze from the sea air.

Imagine sleeping here or better yet waking up to this view?



  1. this is a dream - i LOVE ultra modern/sleek designs - i'm head over heels!!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. i want to stay there! nice find :)

  3. In total and complete love with this home!

  4. Love all of the clean lines...everything looks so structured, minimal, and organized (and the views...swoon!)

  5. oh my word! i'd give serious though to sacrificing a finger or two to live here. :P

    my good pal just got back from South Africa, so I've been hearing how amazing it is over there.

  6. Yeah. This makes me want to move. Make more money. Stop paying daycare so I can save to visit a home like this. Something. LOL


    I'm blog hopping today. Happy Monday!

  7. I SOOOOOOOO want this house, Can I please have it?!?!?!!? :-)
    Glad to find you because thats exactly what I want too!
    xx Emily

  8. I love seeing homes from SA featured abroad! This house is a bit too structured and modern for me but I'll take the pool and view any day!


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