Sunday, July 18, 2010


  I have been thinking of getting a bang for some time now. However, i haven’t because I am not sure how it would look with my curly hair. You see, my hair is naturally curly, however, i occasionally blow it out and flat iron it at the hairdresser. I’m sure a bang do would be “banging” with straight hair. With curly hair, i am not so sure, how would i style it, etc.?  Everytime i see a bang do, i can’t help but admire it, just like i’m doing now with these models. Do you have a bang? Do you even like bangs?


The talented photographer responsible for these “banging” photographs is Pauline Darley. Check out her portfolio here.

{via Pauline Darley}


  1. Gorgeous fringe, darling! Totally bangin'!
    I had bangs for a little while but found that they were just too high maintenance... took a while to grow them out, too...


  2. i have bangs, but i grew them out a little bit for the summer.. my forehead gets sweaty fast and then my bangs get poufy and cowlicky.. not a good look! i do like them, but yes they are high maintenence

  3. Bangs for me are the type of thing I can only admire from afar (lol), my hair totally wouldn't behave right if I chopped it into bangs...
    I hope your having a great weekend!


  4. So cute! I love these pictures!

    I too have curly | wavy hair. I do not have bangs and I haven't since I had a freak hair cut accident. ;) I had someone ruin my hair in 8th grade, and I have cut my hair myself since. hah

    I do not have enough guts to cut bangs though, cause I don't think my face would look good with bangs. Just the shape of my face. But these pictures are gorgeous.

    Hope you have a good weekend. Let us know what you decide~!

  5. Wonderful pics indeed, great photographer!
    Lovely blog! :)

  6. I specially love the brunette in the orange dress... beautiful bangs. I have ones myself and love them :)

  7. Thank you for the great input ladies:-).

  8. i have bangs! I haven't worn them with my hair curly though - but it could be worth it when you straighten your hair, for sure!

  9. i have the same query. does anyone out there know a good-looking bang for curls? (my mind keeps going back to jennifer beals ala 'flashdance.' this is not quite the look i have in mind...)


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