Wednesday, July 21, 2010



I came across Acobaleno last weekend and what a feast for the eyes it is!  The site features beautiful antiques, white washed loveliness, and spaces suited for royalty. Now, how about that chandelier?! Anyone would look beautiful bathed in the light diffused from such lavishness!

the fireplace up close-It’s too hot to be really looking at a fireplace right now, but this one makes me want to fast forward to winter or even a chilly fall evening just so i could light it up and look at the flickering flames…

You can feast your eyes on more grandeur here. Enjoy!


  1. everything is so charming :) :) i love the chandeliers!

  2. love the color palette and all the decorative details!

  3. i love the stone walls in comparison to the ornate chandeleirs. just beautiful.

    altho, i must say, after having lived in a stone building, you'll need a fireplace like that in every room. it gets soo cold!!

  4. Ooh, just saw this - thanks for sharing! Yummy yummy eye candy feast...

  5. These pictures are so lovely and soothing, absolutely beautiful. Thank you for introducing me to Arcobaleno!


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