Monday, July 12, 2010

Antebellum charm.

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One look at this house referred to as the Magnolia House, and you would immediately assume that it is in the South, right? Why wouldn’t you? It conjures up this South with its five Corinthian columns, iron balcony, and its bow windows. However, it hails from Palm Beach! According to the home owners, "the Maganolia House is attired to be the perfect hostess (well it’s quite obvious, look a the beautiful collection of furniture and accessories)Whether for a quiet get-together or a lavish affair of more than 100, she evokes encorselled entertainment with decided grace. The outdoors and indoors blend as the guests mix and mingle under the covered verandah and candles float in the pool". Wouldn’t you just love to be a guest at Magnolia House?

{via interiors}


  1. Such gorgeous spaces!
    And I looooove that pool!


  2. I'm moving into a Garden Home in December and am collecting decorating ideas. All of these inspired me. Especially the piano room. I finally get to have one! At least till babies start coming hopefully I get to jam for a few years first. Great blog.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. i loove that kitchen! that shade of yellow is what i was trying to achieve in my craft room. emphasis on TRYing...:P
    is there, by chance, a color name for it, that you know of?

  4. oooh, that kitchen floor. I'm sold! xoxo

  5. I saw the birthday party on Oh Dee Doh, it's sooo cute! Great job!

  6. Thank you so much Caroline! I had tons of fun putting it together:-).

  7. I would love to sit on that terrace and to sleep in that bedroom!


  8. Kelli, i will see if i can find out the colour of the kitchen wall for you. xo


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