Thursday, June 17, 2010

Per Gunnarsson in the house!

I know, who doesn't know who Per Gunnarsson is, right? His work has probably been featured already on every design blog Except this one!! Also, if you're into great photography like i am, then you won't mind looking at his work over and over again. So, let me hear you chant Per Gunnarsson, Per Gunnarsson, Per Gunnarsson...Alright people, i hear you loud and clear! Therefore, without further ado, please enjoy these beautifully captivating photographs as captured by Mr. Per Gunnarson...

 {photos via pgfoto}


  1. That white dining room was fantastic, as was that teenage girl's loft. Your house my be beautiful!

  2. I agree and i love that kitchen with the chalkboard wall!

  3. I love the simplistic beauty of it all. So clean and fresh. :)

    Bre @

  4. Hate to break the chant but it is 'Gunnarsson' with double 's' - he is Swedish, and yes fabulous so now let's chant together! :)

    One will never tire of his work so please post away. I will love every one.

    x Charlotta


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