Sunday, June 27, 2010

Great find: Lotus Bleu

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Yesterday , i received this month’s issue of Elle Decor in the mail. It always makes my day and i couldn’t wait to devour its contents. While “devouring,” i came across a feature on Lotus Bleu. The feature caught my eye because of  its accompanying picture. The picture showed accessories, rugs, furniture that all screamed come hither and touch me. They were very appealing to look at. This led me on my quest to find out more about Lotus Bleu.
Lotus Bleu is the name of  this gorgeous shop situated in San Francisco and owned by interior designer Jeannie Fraise. The shop features products  from the likes of Madeline Weinrib, John Robshaw, Katherine Rally, and Muskhane. In addition, as if featuring these great craftmasters wasn’t enough, you can also score great Vintage Danish-modern chairs and vibrant patterned wallpaper.

A Peek into the store

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Wouldn’t you agree that this is one of those shops where you want to touch everything? Also, did i mention that Jeannie Fraise(designer and shop owner), makes frequent trips to France and Southeast Asia to gather these beautiful and bold items?  How lucky you are if you live in San Francisco to have this shop!

A Beautiful space
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This space was one of Jeannie Fraise’s design projects. I love the splashes of colour and texture everywhere! Such inspiration…



  1. I love this post! and I am glad you found my blog! I think I will have to follow you! Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! XO

  2. Such cheerful & charming place!
    adore the orange entrance~

  3. OMG what a place! I would not walk out empty handed from here! My bank account would be close to empty though.. :)
    Loving all the Marimekko prints.

    Great find. Now I have to book myself a ticket to SF!

    x Charlotta

  4. Oh my goodness!
    I'm so glad you shared these pictures :)
    this place is amazing! I love all the beautiful colors and fabrics :) And just everything!


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