Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Fresh Cafe.

Homecoming et al 076 Homecoming et al 077

I first heard about the Fresh Cafe from its owner(in the forefront of the picture above), and I remember promising him that i would  stop by to check it out one evening. But, alas, since the birth of my son, gone were the days when i could go out on a whim in the evening, because by 6pm, he is ready to go to bed.  However, that “one evening” came when my dearest husband came home on leave, and was quickly assigned the role of babysitter so that i could go out with the girls and of course, check out the Fresh Cafe! Although it took a while for me to visit Fresh Cafe, when i did, it was definitely all i expected and more…

Have you ever heard the saying that “good things come in small packages?.” Well the Fresh Cafe is proof to the validity of this statement.The Fresh Cafe is a small restaurant with the capability of eating in doors or out. It is located in the historic part of downtown Fayetteville which is right in the hustle and bustle of it all. The menu is geared toward healthy eating since it is packed with vegan and vegetarian options with natural and organic choices. If you’re a meat eater, don’t worry, there are options for you too! Their salads are fresh and desserts are simply delectable!

I ordered the four cheese panini which was filled with a variety of textures and simply delicious.

To accompany the four cheese panini, i ordered the sweet potato souffle. The taste was simply divine. I loved that lingering taste of the potato and the pecans added nice body and texture. Also, it was not to too sweet which was important to me since i avoid sugary and sweet desserts.  While i was enjoying this decadence of a meal and having great conversation, i was also jamming to an acoustic 

Homecoming et al 019 live performance from these talented gentlemen!
Homecoming et al 020 Homecoming et al 021

Yea, that’s me-i was having a great time as soon as i entered. The atmosphere lends itself to that kind of spontaneity, And, i was ecstatic to be out and about :-) I had a wonderful time at the Fresh Cafe and look forward to dining there again! For more information about upcoming events, menu additions, etc. check out their ever-growing fan page.

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  1. lovely pics looks all are very nice nice food
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