Thursday, June 17, 2010

Farmer in me!

This year, i planted our vegetable garden since dearest husband is deployed. Usually, he would plant the vegetable garden and i would plant the annuals and fertilize/prune the perennials in the flowering gardens. However, this year, i am doing it all And i thoroughly enjoy it. It is however, very time consuming (since i have to de-weed each garden etc.), and with a 15 month old energetic baby, it gets a bit complicated to get it all done. However, i do a little bit each day-But, i probably check the vegetable garden religiously everyday to see if any tomatoes have ripened. I have already picked green bell peppers, chives, and thyme, but the tomatoes aren't ready yet. I can't wait to to be able to
   do this-hand carry my freshly picked tomatoes from my garden. I'm thinking that will be possible in a  week  or two!

I am also seriously thinking of getting a couple of
 these so that they can lay tons of

eggs!  I see a very protein rich diet in my future:-)


  1. How exciting! You must show pictures of how it turned out!
    And did you get a chicken?

    x C

  2. Charlotta, i will show pictures. No, guess i'm too "chicken" to get a chicken(lol).


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