Friday, June 18, 2010

Cool Piggy Bank.

Do you need inspiration to save for something on your wishlist? I think i may have found the perfect item! This cool piggy bank called the Wish Frame Bank from Photojojo. You simply slip a fine photograph of the object you desire into the back and insert coins, dollar bills, notes etc. (it has two slots for vertical and horizontal photographs). Eventually you'll have saved enough in your pretty picture frame to make the big purchase. Let's see, i am going to need a picture of that Arne Jacobsen egg chair, that Saarinen womb chair and ottoman, that Alexa handbag, hmmm..i might need several of these. I'll just start with one item at a time. Being a visual person, i love this idea and if you have children, this a great tool to incorporate to encourage them to start saving!

{image via photojojo}

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