Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Child spaces.

Although baby Zion is now 15 months old,  his nursery is still an ongoing design process… I get new
ideas everyday!  I love when personality is injected into a child’s space and these child spaces exude
great personality.


{image 1-my own, others-marieclairemaison}


  1. very cute! love looking at kid's spaces because they're so fun and FULL of color!!

  2. Zion looks amazing - that is him yes?

    I agree with you on allowing kid's rooms to be creative, fun and full of personality. I also am a firm believer that they should be practical (for both parents and kid!) and easy to play in.
    I really feel disheartened when kid's have to comply to an adults design dream that may inhibit their need to be free to play and express themselves.

    Love the pictures here and think there are many great and colourful examples!

    x Charlotta

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