Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Come And Drool Over Colin King's Manhattan Loft

Such eye candy in this space! Love everything!
About a year or so ago, I happened upon the interior styling work of Colin King and I was immediately smitten! I love his meticulous attention to detail and form. His work is such eye candy, so it's a real treat to get a peek inside his home, featured on Architectural Digest. Though I'm a color lover, I still find everything about Colin's loft delightful! I love the warmth of his spaces, the materials, the variation in tones all create a cozy vibe. And I am drooling over that bedroom color!

Beautiful living room

Understated elegance

Understated elegance

Beautiful kitchen and wares!

Light and airy living room with delightful furniture pieces!

Such an elegant bathroom!

Beautiful understated design

Beautiful cozy wall color in this bedroom-designaddictmom

So beautiful, right!?

Monday, September 5, 2022

Spending Labor Day In The Garden

Coffee in the garden is a great idea-designaddictmom
Coffee anyone:-)? It is no secret that I love nature and I'm truly so inspired by it. It is also where I go to 
quiet my mind.  Whether I am pulling weeds, picking veggies, or having some coffee, there is always a sense of calm that overcomes me- it's so therapeutic.  Since putting so much work into the space, we've all been enjoying it! This is where you could find me most of the time during this Labor Day weekend. 

Lovely yellow outdoor table set provides seating in the garden-designaddictmom
 I bought this yellow foldable outdoor table set a bit over a year ago and it has been left outside, but held up so beautifully!  I might buy another in a different color-maybe this mint green one...

Beautiful and lush vegetable garden-designaddictmom
Over the weekend, I pulled lots of weeds and fertilized the remaining vegetables. 
This year I planted chile peppers for the first time and now I have so many! I usually plant what we call scotch bonnet peppers known as habaneros, so I might've gone overboard with the selection of hot peppers! You know us Jamaicans love their spicy food:-)

Chile peppers in the garden-designaddictmom
some of the chile peppers waiting to be picked

Mama looking cute in the garden-designaddictmom

Vegetables from my garden- designaddictmom
I am looking forward to the cool down so I don't have to water the garden as much. I had placed mulch down in the beds before we left for vacation and that has definitely helped, but nevertheless, the cool down will be well received.  

Spending Labor Day In The Garden-designaddictmom

I hope you're soaking up the last bits of this long weekend. Guess what I'll be doing today?-yep you guessed it; more gardening and plant maintenance. Happy Monday friends. xx

images: Courtney Cheatham

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Hello There!

Hello There
Hi everyone! It's been awhile! Though I never meant to take the summer off from blogging, the break was lovely! At the start of the summer toward the end of June, we flew home  to our happy place; Jamaica and spent an entire month there exploring the island and eating all the good food! We took a roundtrip across the island and places like the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, St. Mary, Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth, Portland, Devon House in Kingston, Trelawny are pictured in these featured images.  I have so many captured moments and they are too many to share here. This is a roundup of some of my faves. 

Hello There!

Hello There!

Hello There!


Hello There!

Hello There!

Hello There!

Hello There!

How was your Summer? I hope you were able to slow down  and really soak it all up. Today marks the 2nd day of school here and Ian and Zion are now back in school. Ian started 5th grade and Zion started 8th grade. I can't believe how fast they are growing! xx