Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Credenza DIY using Wallpaper.

No sanding or refinishing required-sign me up! I love this genius use of wallpaper that I spotted on Boligliv!

Here is a before shot of the credenza

Stunning transformation!

Here are the instructions as seen on Boligliv:

You will need:
Smooth wallpaper (it does not matter if it is a remnant patterned wallpaper because it will be painted over), wallpaper paste, wallpaper diet brush, paint color of your choice. Used here is Flügger no. 1498 and no. 1196, small paint roller, tape measure, pencil and a sharp utility knife.

How to:
Measure each door exactly up and cut the wallpaper to the targets.
 Paint the wallpaper with the roll in the desired colors. Let the paint dry completely.
 Lubricate wallpaper paste on the back of the wallpaper.
Attach the wallpaper, first put it firmly in the top corners. Smooth it out with your hands - make sure that it reaches all the way to the edges.
Use wallpaper diet to ensure that the wallpaper is firmly attached and any air bubbles disappear.

I am inspired. How about you?


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