Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Love Bath Tubs.

Bath tubs; I don’t use mine enough yet I turn ashen at the thought of not having one in my house. Even if I didn’t have

I would still NEED a bathtub.  Most of us lead busy lives and

a long soak in our bathtubs at the end of the day is the ultimate way to de-stress and unwind

We all have our own criteria for what our bath tubs should be like; whirlpool, deep, claw foot, you name it…

However, we all seek to experience the same thing from our bath tubs; a place to get away from it all and embrace the suds and scents and everything else that make for a luxurious and relaxing soak. So, how about you, is having a bath tub a must have for you? Frankly, most times I will opt for a shower over a soak because I am so busy, BUT, I intend to change that soon. Slow it down and bond with my bathtubSmile.  Happy Hump Day everyone! XX

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  1. Hard to pick a favorite here. They all are so tempting.

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  2. It's such a sanctuary, isn't it? But I never have the time to take them either. And my bathroom isn't very inspiring unfortunately. Renting puts such limitations on what you can do to a bathroom. Instead I'll dream about taking one in one of these gems :) xoxo

  3. Ahhh, that first one? Perfect! And I looove that pink one!

  4. We have a nice deep and long claw foot tub and I use it maybe three times a time! I like the whole idea of a bath tub but the time spent in one doesn't thrill me. I sit in there thinking of all the stuff I should be doing so I don't relax. Go figure! I should learn to appreciate my tub!


  5. these tubs make me want to take a dip and enjoy a good book. i don't use my tub often at all, but if i had one like looked like those above, i would definitely indulge :)

    happy hump day.

  6. well now I want a bath!

    I'm a soaker. I dont have time to take as many as I'd like, but I wouldn't want to live without a tub.

  7. i wish my bathtub looked like any of these!! i am at least grateful to have one at all, i guess ;)


  8. Definitely a must for me. Our house in WA had an old claw foot tub and I miss it!

  9. A dreamy collection of baths! We wanted to keep our original tub in our 1959 ranch, so we had the porcelein reglazed. Unfortunately, it began flaking shortly after, so if I take a bath, it comes off in chunks and sticks to my skin. So I dream of having a nice tub to soak in.

  10. Oh my goodness, I could jump into any one of these and be perfectly happy!

  11. Ever since I was a child, I've been partial to those bathtubs with feet.

    Many of these are rather striking though.

  12. bathtubs are my favorite! it's killing me that i only have a standing shower in my teeny tiny nyc apartment :( claw foot tubs have always been my favorite... maybe one day when i'm rich and famous, sighhh hah <3

    Xo Courtney Q ||


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