Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sitting Pretty: Before & After.

Jul 22, 2012 7.08.07 PM
     Ok, y’all I’m going to put my best face forward and do what I do best; talk about design and stuffSmile.  Let’s cheer up and have some fun, shall we? I am blessed to have each of you as a reader and friend and I appreciate all of your support from the bottom of my heart.
     O.K. so, I always wonder why great design has to be so out of reach for folks like myself who actually have a budget. Do you ever have that thought? For e.g., I am smitten with DWR but cannot afford most of the things I love there. So far, I’ve bought only 3 or 4 pieces from them, BUT, I really cannot make it a habit to shop there; way to exorbitant, plus, I. have. children to. clothe. and. feed.
     What’s the alternative; shopping smartly with a sharp eye and seeing the potential in pieces. The beauty above is a vintage Adrian Pearsall.  It caught the hubby’s eyes a couple months ago when we were visiting a store called hipsteriamodern in Raleigh. If you’re in Raleigh, N.C., they are worth a trip!  He got it home, chose the fabric and dropped it off at the same gentleman who reupholstered my rocker and ottoman.  Now that it’s home, I think the hubby is going to have to go hunting for another chair for himself when he returns. This is MINE!!Smile.  Do you notice the depth and the height; sheer comfort I tell you! DWR “ain’t got nothing on me”!!:-

Here’s the Before:

Pretty fabric and colour but it  was worn and the frame of the chair though very sturdy needed just a bit of work

I think all that is needed now is a tiny ottoman and  one of Jill’s throw pillows from her Live Like You store(another must stop to shop!).  The hubby did great didn’t he? Of course, the chair is not in its desired location in the house because Baby Ian and his things have taken over all the prime real estate in the house. xx


  1. what a great find!! it looks amazing. and I totally hear you on the price of well designed pieces. I've been coveting a chesterfield from a local english import furniture store for a couple of years. I can't bring myself to forego a vacation for a new couch. :|

  2. one word JEALOUS! what a fab find Luck you


    Love, that chair is so cool...the classic lines are just that: CLASSIC. And the new color and simple style of the fabric really heighten the beautiful lines of the piece! How wonderful that we have husbands that appreciate good furnishings!!!

    I hope you are off to a good start today. THINKING OF YOUR HEART my dear....Anita

  4. Oooo! I love that chair! Your blog is totally inspiring me! My house is a mis match of stuff that I found "on sale" somewhere and really doesn't reflect my personal style well... Of course, we're gearing up to PCS at the end of the year so I may wait until we're settled in a new house before I redecorate. :)

  5. SO hear you re: designer prices. I'm all for affordable design!

  6. that good interior very nice Beautiful pics! :-) i like

  7. What a fabulous find and yes Stacy the hubby did very well. Definitely a lumbar pillow would finish the chair off perfectly. Great find!


  8. that blue chair is just perfection. you did a wonderful job.

  9. Your husband has such a great eye! Hugs always dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. Awesome - both the chair revamp AND that your sweet and design savvy husband did all that.
    It's really nice.

  11. The after is much better! Richard

  12. The after is much better! Richard

  13. That is a brilliant score! Plus it looks dead comfy! A little ottoman would seal the deal of the perfect comfort zone!

  14. Stacey,

    I'm so glad I popped over here to find out about your blog after your visit to mine. Your blog has so much to offer Stacey ... love your up-cycles (great chair) and the images you've posted from other places I've not seen before and they all lead to good stories. I've not been with you through previous deployments but I will be through this one ... hope you feel better soon, 'cause I want you to, and selfishly I want to see that wallpaper. Following so I won't miss anything.

  15. wow wow wow you have really out done yourself lady the chair looks amazing! that fabric is one of my favorite colors. i often paint my nails that color during the summer. kudos to your hubby too!

  16. oh WOW that turned out beautifully!


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