Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Miles Redd

Miles Redd’s designs are not for the faint of heart which is probably why he appeals to me. He is a designer who is not fearless in his use of colour and the juxtaposition of varying textures. I also admire his effortless mix of design genres. I love that oversized art piece and the flokati rug featured above. There’s nothing like the feel of a flokati rug underfoot-so soft and furry.

I love the blend of cool and warm tones in this room. Check out that ark sexy floor that enables everything else to say”look at me!”

Lovely eclectic collage an that gilded mirror is perfect in the center. I love the old world and romantic vibe that’s ebbing in the vein of this space

Somber, organic, stylish and a dash of pink. Gotta love it!

Traditional with some feminine flair!

I’d be happy in either of these bedrooms! Do you have a favourite Miles Redd room?
Happy Wednesday my lovelies! XX

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  1. I think the first one is my favourite..I am all about oversized art pieces and mix of bold colours! Love

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  2. I would LOVE that big black and white painting from the first pic! And that last bedroom :)

  3. Ewww, a room after my own heart, the first picture, love the orange and zebra print together. Love oversized pieces in rooms and slightly sparse. Beautiful design work overall and he has a wide range of styles.

  4. I'm in love with Miles Redd's work! Recently he worked his magic on a space which was featured in nytimes - gorgeousness!

  5. I love the bird bedroom, absolutely adorable :)

  6. I'm speechless! Seriously in love with it all. My faves are that first room, that gorgeous living room and the 2nd to last bedroom. PErfection!

    Hope you have a happy day, sweetie xoxo

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  8. These are TRULY amazing ... specially loving the one with Dash of pink and the last one!!!

  9. Hi lovely Stacey!
    First of all love coming here, always makes me in a good mood!
    Since I now have found my Personal style:) I have to say the favourite is the Eclectic room. I love pretty much everything about it and yes it actully feels like me deep down inside.
    The gorgeous antique chest of drawers, the photo collection standing upon it, the yellow roses in a petite vase, even the safari-cap feels so right.
    I also like the photos hanging on the wall, but would prefer no flowers hanging along with them:). This pic has strengthen my conclusion of my Style searching and it makes me feel so happy. No more confusion, I have actually found myself and accepted who I am(Until now I have not been totally convinced). What a great feeling, thank you, you´ve made my day! This pic will definitely go to my Newfound 'Personal style Files'.
    Lovely post and that first pic. comes as my second favourite choice.

  10. I'm loving that dresser in the eclectic room. I like the whole space actually, which is strange because I have been craving minimal for the past few years. Something about that space today, really like it. Also, like the idea of a splash of pink, thinking about incorporating it here and there in my house.

  11. The graphic abstract is a great "POW"-moment to that room, goes so well with the zebra!


  12. I love them all. I think the bedroom with the green wallpaper is my fav.

  13. That first bedroom would be enough to give me sweet dreams, I dare say :)

  14. Oh my goodness, how can one even choose?! :) I love the boldness of the first, but also the warm/cool of the second and the touches of pink in the more spare space (spare but not at all empty :)). I'd love to dive into that last bedroom - love those colours! Thx for brightening my Wed :)

  15. wow,wow,wow! love these rooms...i would feel comfortable in any of them. miles redd is perfection, yes? i think the traditional room, the pink room, and the first room are my faves...but, wait...

  16. My favorite is all of the above....lOVE!

  17. Definitely the 5th one, and any one of the bedrooms would be just fine! Beautiful rooms!

  18. these are so dramatic and beautiful. just like something out of a movie!

  19. I love that bold piece of artwork in the first pic. Amazing!!

  20. OH, I love them all, how to choose favourites. LOL

    These are all stunning...


  21. you read my article "with all my heart", a dedication for you

  22. I'd never have picked a zig-zag rug and floral wallpaper but they somehow look good together.

  23. That first picture - so striking!

    I love the 2nd and 5th rooms (the couch, molding - swoon!)

    Haha, Infiore is great too and I love your picks for favorite chairs - it's all about the modern classics and we'll invest in one some day!

  24. I am not into florals at all. But I must say that I find that last room very nicely styled. It is a smart and happy room. Love the florals against the stipes. Very clever and brave.

    ox, Mon

  25. Wow, utterly perfect, I'm in love with his work! I'd easily crawl into any one of those gorgeous rooms and take up occupancy.


  26. Miles Redd rocks and I love his sense of drama. He does interior design in a 'stage setting' kind of way where there is a real 'story' in his mark. It's no wonder actually since he used to work as a stage designer once upon a time.. :)
    I blogged him and his folio last year - you may enjoy the post..

    Big hugs
    xx Charlotta

  27. The first room with the painting is just wow.

  28. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I just adore the third space -- maybe because it is very classic and elegant, with bits of color, yet is very Vogue in its own way... nevertheless, it's divine :) thanks for sharing all of these...

  29. This man can do no wrong! Such an amazing designer.


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